Japan: Age of Wisdom

August 18, 2007

This morning, my two left wisdom teeth were taken out in a relatively quick procedure at the local dentist. The wife accompanied me and served as translator, although this phrase doesn't need much translation: AAAAAHHHHHHRRRRGGGGG!

Just kidding. It was painless, thanks to the aesthetic. Indeed, I even managed to laugh myself silly as the numbness of my lower lip caused me to dribble water as I tried to gargle. Good times. The remaining teeth will be removed sometime next month. I will get that procedure on video.
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Anonymous said...

Well done...less wise but surely less painful in the jaw. I think you have been pigeon holed as 'the camerman'...looking on the bright side, you are more popular with the 'to be married' couples :)

Take care


Chimp Wong said...

I had 1 wisdom tooth taken out the other day. Yes relatively painless, but as the tooth was being taken out there were all sorts of cracking sounds and disconcerting pressure on my skull. I realised later after the tooth was out that my body was completely tense.
Oh well at least I have the tooth so we'll see what the tooth fairy will give me. Its a biggie!