A Question of Promise #5

January 15, 2008

Production Date: January 13th 2008
Genre: Comedy
Story and Art by: Thuyen Nguyen
Format: 24 pages, B&W w/ colour covers
Synopsis: Erin has finally scored her big break as a stand-up comedian. Eden, Eric and Dice go and check out her first ever live gig.

Buy from Indy Planet (Preferred - it's cheaper!)
Buy from Lulu (if you're desperate!)

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Gametaku said...

I just started to download these comics, and finally noticed that you'r both the artist and writer. Due to me not reading right, I just thought you were the writer, you do have a good style.

I'm actually about to convert these pdf's to cbds, Comic Book DS format, do you want a copy of that to give others to download? It's not the same as what you made, but it could be a handy option to whet people's appetites.

I'd also like to ask, are you the same Thuyen Nguyen that wrote the books of the "Advanced Programmers Guide" series?

Devinquest said...


Thanks for your comment. I'm happy that you're enjoying my work.

Yes, by all means, you can convert my comics to cbds files. Let me know when you've finished and I'll post a link to them.

No, I didn't write "Advanced Programmers Guide." My coding skills aren't good enough to base a book on!

- Thuyen