Japan: Bridge!

August 22, 2007

My parents-in-law and I went for a day trip to the other side of Japan to have a look at the JR Amarube bridge. The bridge is unfortunately known for an accident which involved a train falling from it due to strong winds. A four-hour train trip there was broken halfway with a side-trip to an onsen. Father-in-law and I went in while Mother-in-law waited outside. Bought a copy of Famitsu to keep myself interested during the train ride. On the way back to Kobe, a thunderstorm came in. I got some good lightning on camera. Got home at 9pm-ish (having started the day at 6am), in time to watch Japan beat Vietnam in the soccer.
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1 comment:

Chimp Wong said...

Wow you're able to read Japanese game mags now =D
Maybe a year in Japan would do me good too!! haha
Good to read you watching quite a few sports