Isabella's Big Adventure

August 01, 2015

My new book!

Isabella's life is full of adventure, or is it?

She's a girl who always smiles and knows how to handle the situation. Cool as a cucumber, but as quiet as a mouse, with a smile so wide that you can't help but be charmed!

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A Question of Promise #14

December 04, 2014

Eden breaks up with Eric, but wants to still be friends. Eve reaches breaking point and wants Dice to reveal what they’ve long suspected is coming. He still isn’t ready to tell Eric, even though it affects him as much as himself. Will the return of Alvin and McMahon force Dice’s hand?

A Question of Promise #13

September 15, 2014

Production Date: September 15th 2014  
Genre: Comedy
Story and Art by: Thuyen Nguyen
Format: 24 pages, B&W w/ colour covers
Synopsis: Eric comes face to face with the consequences of the sports tournament. He knows he did wrong, but Eden won’t give him the chance to explain or apologise. Meanwhile, Dice’s fear of something inevitable seems to be complete. Is Dice really nearing his end?

The King of Game Trivia - Now Available!

July 31, 2013

My second novel The King of Game Trivia is based on the game "Game Trivia Catechism" by Multiple:Option.

Al doesn't know why his cousin Sally would pay for his trip home, but he readily accepts. Little does he know though that she's secretly entered him into the King of Game Trivia Tournament and expects him to score the ten-thousand dollar grand prize. Unprepared for competition, can Al do what it takes to win while keeping sane of Sally's demands at the same time?

THE KING OF GAME TRIVIA is a story by a gamer for gamers. Stuffed with so many references to the world of video games, you'll be lost and confused if you don't know your Nintendo from your Sega. And with actual trivia questions peppered throughout, even hardcore players will be tested and entertained by this fun-filled and unique journey into gaming culture.

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A Question of Promise #12

September 23, 2012

Production Date: September 23th 2012
Genre: Comedy
Story and Art by: Thuyen Nguyen
Format: 24 pages, B&W w/ colour covers
Synopsis: Erin hopes Eden’s vast film knowledge will help her decide on her next opportunity. Meanwhile, the annual sports tournament sees Eric thrusted into the captaincy. When he and Eve are sent to officially invite their rivals, they find unexpected competition. Can Eric keep his eyes on the prize?

A Question of Promise #11

July 17, 2011

Production Date: May 21th 2011
Genre: Comedy
Story and Art by: Thuyen Nguyen
Format: 24 pages, B&W w/ colour covers
Synopsis: Determined to take Eden on a great weekend away, Eric is hampered by continuing bad weather. Dice convinces him to take a chance and just go, though Eve is suspicious of his intentions. With a fast car, the couple head for the coast. Will the “perfect” weekend be perfect after all?