A Question of Promise

February 14, 2005

Production Date: July 2002
Genre: Comedy
Story and Art by: Thuyen Nguyen
Format: 24 pages, B&W
Synopsis: Eric's date with classmate Eden looks like it will be a success, as long as his housemate (and sentient pool-of-water) Dice doesn't find out...

Purchase comic from Phase Two Comics ($AU2.50)

Original Post:

A couple of years ago, I self-published a black and white comic book entitled A Question of Promise. It's a comedy about a guy trying to impress a girl, while not trying to upset his housemate, who happens to be a sentient pool of water.

Anyway, the fine folks at Phase Two Comics have agreed to sell it on their site!

So don't just stand there - Buy my comic here!
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1 comment:

thechad2k2 said...

Het dude! That is great news! I'll have to get you to sign my "non-retail" version! LOL!