Japan: The Study, The Fallen

July 22, 2007

Let me start by saying that I drank a beer on Friday night, after I had vowed off alcohol a few weeks ago. I was invited to a beer garden (which was actually inside due to heavy rain), and as they say: do as the Romans do.

Saturday, the wife and I had lunch at a French restaurant with her workmate and his wife. It was good. For some reason, the meal kept me full for 24 hours - I skipped yesterday's dinner and today's lunch, and got my appatite back for dinner tonight.

Today, we went to catch the movie version of Saiyuki, the new version of Monkey Magic. The movie was good (obviously I didn't understand everything word or word, but it made sense by the end), but it felt like a long TV episode. This was understandable as it was based off the TV series from last year, after all.

Tomorrow marks the second and final week of my Japanese intensive course. After feeling lost on day 1, I did the smart thing and prepared for the next class by reading ahead. It's amazing what a little prep can do! I've been enjoying it, and know exactly where my skills lie (vocab - I need much more of it!)
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