Japan: Language Course GO!

July 17, 2007

Today was my first day at the YWCA Intenstive Course, which runs until next Friday. After a 30-minute walk from home, I arrived at the YWCA to find out that I was placed in the highest-level class (Class 4 of 4). This was a surprise. The lessons started at 9:30am and ended at 1pm. Everything was in Japanese. I think I understood probably 50% of what was going on. I was probably (definitely?) the weakest in the class. I may have to request to be reassigned to Class 3 if things get harder (which they will, as these things usually go).

The students were as multicultural as you could get: two Aussies, Indonesians, a German, Korean, Chinese, Nepalese and Indian.
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1 comment:

Allan Chapman said...

Hey there Brother, whats happening? Finally decided to learn the language huh? lol, only took 6 months!

Mum and Aimee were over in your neck of the woods for the last 3 weeks. Brought me back a PC Engine (Woohoo!), and some random stuff from the vending machines.

Anyway, were you at all affected by the Typhoon/Earthquake duo? Mum said that the only way they even noticed was that the trains were all delayed!

Anyways, hope you guys are doing well... oh hey, Zoran and Tina had a baby! Theres a couple of pics of her on my blog, shes so booful!

Oh, and the Halo 3 beta rocked! Nothing like getting schooled by 12y/o's!

Take it easy man!