Japan: Golden Years

March 19, 2007

For the weekend, the family and I went to Tohaku, Tottori prefecture to visit the wife's grandmother, who celebrated her 88th birthday (in Japanese: beiju). "8" is a lucky number in Japan, so obviously "88" is extra special. It was a three-hour drive from Kobe along toll highways where the posted speed limit was 80KMH yet everyone was easily doing 100KMH. Apparently this is normal.

Relatives came from all around and we had a lunch party on Saturday at onsen-hotel Sanin Hawai-Spa Bokoro, overlooking Togoko lake. Being the birthday girl, grandmother wore a yellow hood and vest.

The wife and I stayed at Bokoro Saturday night, after staying at grandmother's house on Friday. We had a dip in the onsen (separately; they are unisex). One must be naked in an onsen - do as the Romans do. We returned to Kobe Sunday afternoon, after stopping at a roadside rest-stop restaurant that had all-you-can-eat for 1000 yen per person.
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Anonymous said...

First b*tches!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, so how was the onsen? I'm thinking of going there myself, it sounds seriously cool.