Japan: Weekly Update

March 27, 2007

Not much has been happening recently. Here's some small stuff from the past week:
  • Niece had her third birthday. She cries for no reason.
  • Mother-in-law and sister-in-law (RT) had their birthday (on the same day). Bought a DVD/VHS recorder for mum and gave the sister a lamp which we won in a lucky dip at the supermarket while buying some Kirin beer.
  • Family all got new mobile phones due to a discount family plan from au by KDDI.
  • Been studying Japanese by watching videos and listening to/repeating after CDs.
  • Won some Super Mario plush mushrooms from skill tester machines (my current addiction).
  • Doing some work - near-finished the AFL video, starting doing some light graphic design work (business cards, pamphlets...)

I read that Melbourne's in Stage 3A water restrictions. Meanwhile, I have a bath every night! The sakura (cherry blossom) trees are starting to bloom, so we'll probably go to Osaka to check them out.

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