A Question of Promise - Lifetime Download Stats

March 15, 2010

In the lead-up to the release of A Question of Promise #9 and the A Question of Promise Volume 1 trade paperback, I thought I'd share some statistics from one indie comic creator to another. I know sales/download figures for games are hard to come by, so I assume that it would be similar in the comics world.

Anyhow, the numbers are in the chart above, as reported by my server request logs. These numbers are for downloads only - I've only ever actually sold like 5 real copies. Leading the pack is the Nintendo DS version of AQP, which got a bump in promotion from various DS homebrew sites - in contrast, AQP has not had a single mention on any comic site :(

The other interesting number is that issue #3 has had the most downloads. I would have thought that the first issue would be the most downloaded. Regardless, the trend line is as expected though, with downloads decreasing with later issues (partially due to the shorter length of time that they've been available for).

Are these numbers any good? I have no idea, but I am happy that someone out there is downloading my work. As to whether or not they're reading them is an entirely different story... :)
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