Japan: Weekend Trip and KISS

September 02, 2007

Saturday, the wife and I went to Nagoya, which is a 3-hour train trip from Kobe. The day started at 6am, and I was very tired on the train. Played Pokemon Diamond to pass the time. Once we got to Nagoya, we met up with the wife's friend and her two kids, and then went to have unagi at a famous/popular restaurant named Houraiken. We waited almost an hour to get in, and while the food was good, it isn't really worth the wait.

After a leisurely stroll through Tokugawaen, we parted ways with the friend and went to another popular restaurant named Yamachan, which is known for its chicken wings. They were good, but we didn't eat much due to still being full from lunch. We got back to Kobe around 11pm.

Today, we bought a new digital SLR camera: the Canon KISS Digital X. My sister-in-law has one, so we've played with it before and were thoroughly impressed with the picture quality and ease of use. We were thinking of getting the Nikon D40x, which was about 20,000 yen cheaper, but decided to get the KISS because we knew what we were getting.
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Anonymous said...

Niiiiice camera you got (same as mine)...surely could have gotten a newer one. Hope to see some nicer pictures being taken by you. kC and Jen will DEFINITELY want to know this!

ps. you do the facebook? Get on it and find me...I'm soo lost ATM!

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry, not the same as mine but the link you have didn't direct me to the Kiss X...nice DSLR nonetheless...

Pls say hi to the wife for me :)