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July 02, 2007

There was a rather good TV program on the weekend: 矢部&ひとみ破局SP・プロポーズへの15年愛. The title, loosely translated, was "Wedding proposal ends 15-year relationship." This was a true story, and explains something I saw a couple of weeks ago on the news.

Takashi Okamura, one member of the comedy duo Ninety-Nine, learns that his partner Hiroyuki Yabe has finally proposed to his girlfriend of 15 years. Excited, he runs off and tells a group of friends (who are various comedians/celebrities). Later that night, the duo meet up again for dinner when Yabe tells Okamura that he and his girlfriend have actually broken-up because she thought that the proposal wasn't serious enough. Okamura freaks out, because he's already told the group of friends. Both of them immediately go out and visit each friend one after another and explain the situation. Yabe apologises and gives each friend a bento box.

4AM that morning, the duo have finished apologising to everyone and relax at a restaurant. It is only then that Okamura remembers something bad - not only did he tell their friends, he also sent out a press release to the media. Yabe shakes his head. The next day, the duo and their friends attend the crowded press conference to apologise to the media. The program ended in a makeshift wrestling ring where Yabe is beaten by a pro wrestler after reading his ex-girlfriend's farewell letter.

I wish I had recorded it. There was just something about the events that amused me so.
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