Japan: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

April 12, 2007

Attended by first ever baseball game tonight. We went to Koshien Staduim to see the Hanshin Tigers versus the Chunichi Dragons. I was given a Tigers shirt to wear by my sister-in-law's husband. After going to Daiei to buy dinner, we went to the stadium. At the door, we were given scratch cards. I won a "Tigers 2007" cap!

At the start of the seventh inning, the crowd blew up ballons and let them go at the same time. This is a tradition for Tigers fans at their home stadium. It was repeated at the end of the game too, but I think that was because we won 3-1.

I can see how baseball can be boring (which would explain the serving of beer), but tonight's game was a good one. GO TIGERS!
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1 comment:

Foozwah said...

All spectator sports are only rendered watchable with the application of beer.

Lots of it.