Japan: DS Get!

April 26, 2007

Today saw the release of the Nintendo DS Lite Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings Sky Pirates Edition (or NDSL FFXII SE?). I had decided long ago to get myself a Japan-exclusive DS Lite, so I jogged down to Softmap this morning, put my name down with the friendly salesperson and waited for the store to open. Perhaps surprisingly, there was no crowd to fight through, so I made my way up to the fifth floor and bought one with my credit card (for I am running out of cash). The DS itself is white with a FFXII logo and character portrait on the lid. Not terribly exciting, but last week I saw a FFIII DS Lite on sale in Denden Town for double the original price; so if anything, my purchase may be a long term investment. I'll play with it as soon as I get some screen protectors.
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