Japan: Cannot Find Apostrophe on this Keyboard

February 09, 2007

Stuff that happened yesterday:
  • Did some shopping to get some power cables for the computer. No Wii or DS, but plenty of PS3.
  • Checked out electronic dictionaries. Most do not have kana readings for kanji, which is an issue for my studies.
  • Went to Motomachi Cake to eat some zakuro and see the All-Japan-winning candy creation by the brother-in-law.
  • Met the nieces (again) and nephews (first time).
  • Skin is beginning to peel due to the sunburn I received during my farewell sausage sizzle last week.
  • Finished the slideshow for the sister-in-law which will be shown at her wedding this weekend.

Email service will return soon, when I get myself a flash disk and a copy of Portable Thunderbird.

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1 comment:

Kevin said...

Hey, you succumb to the blog post. Wonder if it was really from the wife or peer pressure....

- Do you want a DS from Australia? I think I can have 1 brought back to Japan for you from people returning there.
- Can you post a picture of the award winning cake?