Desert Dog Games Channel

February 23, 2006

Introducing the Desert Dog Games Channel! As you may or may not know, I make video games for a living. For fun, I also make games in my spare time. They are simple casual (mostly) Shockwave-based time-wasters that can be played free online. Check them out and leave a comment if you like them.

Game List
"Transformers Broken Destiny"
A turn-based RPG/Strategy game based on Transformers (Hasbro). This game is the unofficial sequel to the Melbourne House/Atari TF game for Playstation2.

"Transformers Broken Destiny Trivia Battle"
A trivia game based on Transformers (Hasbro). Test your reflexes and knowledge in a series of multiple-choice questions about all things TF.

"Phoenix Wright - Turnabout Trivia"
A trivia game based on Phoenix Wright (Capcom). Object your way through hundreds of multiple-choice questions based on and around the Nintendo DS game.

"Aussie Football: Glory in September" NEW!
A turn-based rock, paper, scissors game based on Aussie Rules Footy (AFL). Select an action, choose correctly and score! My first Flash game.
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Anonymous said...

the score system is very just keep your mouse one point and keeping click,you will get a high score.

Devinquest said...

I've tweaked the points again for TF Trivia Battle, but it really depends on what you mean by 'high score'. Clicking constantly will get you around 25,000 points; but actually trying can easily double that.

Hiryu said...

phoenix wright game is bugged. got a perfect 70/70 but the game doesn't detect a 70 question combo. i only got credited for 4 and 11. i have screenshots if you like to see them

Anonymous said...

Devinquest said...

Thanks for the bug report on Phoenix Wright. I'll fix it when I get the time. Congrats on the perfect score though!