DDGC - Xbox 360 Kiosks Available in Australia

February 24, 2006

Took a trip into Games Rush at Highpoint Shopping Centre (Melbourne) last night where they were setting up a brand-spanking-new Xbox 360 demo kiosk. I'd be excited, except for the fact that my company's already got one and I walk past it several times a day. No one is playing it because:
  • The four games we have suck (Call of Duty 2, FIFA, GUN & Most Wanted)
  • The step-down transformer isn't pumping out enough watts, causing the Japanese 360 to reset after 10 minutes - it's not the famed overheating 360 power supply problem
  • The wireless controller's batteries have run out and no one's bothered to change them

I've pass on 3 separate chances of getting myself a 360 from Japan, as because of the exchange rate, I'd be saving about $150 on the Australian retail price of $650. Reason? Would have to buy a better step-down transformer, which would be $100-ish anyway.

The Xbox 360 will be released in Australia on March 23 2006.

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