Machinima Artist Thuyen Nguyen Directs Cutscenes for Ubisoft's "Heroes Over Europe"

August 26, 2009

Thuyen Nguyen (me!), writer and director of machinima films including "An Unfair War" and "The Most Powerful Person in the World," was enlisted to author and direct the in-game cinematic cutscenes for Ubisoft's upcoming World War II air combat game "Heroes Over Europe." Using the in-house authoring tool, Nguyen created over 100 real-time cutscenes for the game, helping tell the story of brave Allied pilots and their battle for air superiority against the forces of Axis Germany. The cutscenes took almost a year to complete, which included storyboard development, authoring, action choreography and effect passes.

Developed by Transmission Games in Melbourne, Australia, "Heroes Over Europe" is the sequel to the award-winning "Heroes of the Pacific," and sees players participating in fierce air battles in the skies of Europe. The game has 14 missions, over 40 authentic World War II aircraft, and has online multiplayer support for 16 players. It will be released in September 2009 for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC.

Official Website:
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CD@Machinima Studios said...

Amazing, didn't know you went pro as a machinima filmmaker. Will there be any machinima toolset, editor released with the game?. Hope you write up abit on how you did the cutscenes in that game.
Can't wait to see the game released to have a look at your cutsenes. Any future project planned?

Devinquest said...

Hi CD@Machinima Studios,

I'm not a pro machinima filmmaker - yet! I just happened to know people who work at the company and they arranged to bring me in to do the cutscenes.

I don't think an editor will be released for "Heroes Over Europe" as the game doesn't support user-generated content. The cutscene tool was pretty rough to work with anyway.

No future projects at this stage. I need to find a job first!

- Thuyen

Richard Grove said...

Congratulations, Thuyen. I hope the game is successful and that they bring you more job possibilities in the future. Let us know if a trailer is released with any of your cutscene work.

Good luck!


Devinquest said...


Thanks for your support!

- Thuyen