Japan: Yum Cha

January 20, 2008

Yesterday, the family went to Rokko Island to have all-you-can-eat yum cha for the respectable price of 3000 yen each. The Chinese restaurant was located inside the Kobe Sheraton Hotel. The food was good, though restaurants here in Japan use mustard as a condiment as opposed to chili, and there's nothing better than shrimp dumplings drowning in chili sauce.

What wasn't good, however, was the price of the 190ml coke I ordered... 700 yen! That's almost $9! The wife said that I should have expected it, considering that we were in a hotel and hotels are expensive. Yes, but still, 700 yen! I could have bought 6 litres of coke from the supermarket for that much. Oh well.
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