Japan: Lost and Buy

November 19, 2007

It's official - I lost my Nintendo DS. I have a feeling that I forgot to put it back into my bag at Okinawa airport after playing with it. The wife was kind enough to call two airports and the airline to see if anyone found it, but that resulted in nothing. So in summary, I lost my Final Fantasy XII Nintendo DS, a copy of Saiyuki and my Mario Invincible Star DS pouch. I'll probably buy a replacement before I return to Melbourne.

On the weekend, the wife and I walked into Seiden to check out video cameras. I was thinking of buying a "play" camera; something that I could carry in my pocket for fun. I was eying the high-def Canon HV10, and wanted the wife to give it a test drive. While we were there, however, I found a Sony HDR-HC3 for 50,000 yen. Bargain! Cheaper than the HV10 too (bigger though). So I bought it. Perhaps an impulse buy, but $500-ish for a HD video camera (and a half-decent one at that) was too good to pass up.
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