Japan: Tokyo Games Show

September 26, 2007

The wife and I made the trip to Tokyo this past weekend to visit friends and go to the Tokyo Games Show. The trip didn't start so well, with me getting some stomach pains on the 3-hour Shinkansen ride. I blame the combination of Mister Donut and cafe latte which made my breakfast for that morning.

TGS was very cool. Definitely worth the price of admission (which was only 1000 yen). I didn't play any of the demos (the waiting times reminded me of rides at Universal Studios), but instead just soaked up the atmosphere. I bought some plush Puyo-Puyo and a Kirby. The wife took some booth babe and cosplayer photos.

Stayed at a friend's house for the weekend (thanks H&K!), and also had lunch in Harajuku with an old AMH buddy. While in Harajuku, saw a weird old dude wearing small fish bowls for earrings, with actual live goldfish in them. Went through JR Shinjuku station a couple of times and was totally amazed at the amount of people that pass through that place; and indeed, in Tokyo in general. Too busy and crowded for my like.
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1 comment:

Dave "The Brother" Nguyen said...

Too busy and crowded, hey? Methinks you wouldn't like London then ... ;)