Japan: Age of Wisdom Part 2

September 11, 2007

The weekend was busy. Saturday night, the family went bowling at Round 1. I managed a few strikes and also won a couple of toys from the UFO Catchers for the kids. The wife knocked down 9 pins during a special round and won herself a small novelty billiard table.

Sunday was spent alone in my room as I finished up yet another wedding video. The wife was working, attending a bridal fair.

Monday morning. The last of my wisdom teeth was removed. They saved the hardest til last... At night, we went to our friends' place to premiere the wedding video to their satisfaction.

Today, my cheek is swollen and I didn't sleep last night. My body aches all over.
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1 comment:

Chimp Wong said...

You won't have to film anything for me, don't worry.

Get better soon dude.