The Most Powerful Person in the World

May 16, 2007

Production Date: May 16th 2007
Genre: Machinima / Arthouse
Conceived and Edited by: Thuyen Nguyen
Music by: Lackluster
Length: 5 minutes
Synopsis: A love letter to video games.
As featured at: Gamesetwatch, Kotaku, The Age, Newsweek, Destructoid, Major League Gaming, Ain't It Cool News...

Download web version (5MB)
Watch online at YouTube
Download high quality version at (151MB)

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esa juhani ruoho said...

hi. thanks for making this - and using my tune. it was nice to find out about it today (20-may-07).
im downloading the 151mb vers from :)


madboarder said...

That was a brilliant video, well done!

Luca said...

you describe all videogames and world in the videos...fantastic...nice production, fuck the world, play da game ;)

Anonymous said...

That was great. Nice song choice, too -- it probably wouldn't have been nearly as effective without the song.

Bainick said...

Wow, I really enjoyed that. (Though I did see it thanks to

mooiness said...


Stumbled here via Kotaku. Nice work man. :)

Highwind said...

Very nice. Loved it!

bovaflux said...

Fantastic video, reminds me of everything videogames should be. Plus, my favourite Lackluster track!


Paul said...

I haven't been that moved in a while... good game. If only the whole world could see this... then they might understand our pastime a little more...

Joescafe said...

There is a problem with the MPEG2 version on I have downloaded it four times and skips happen at the same spots, but files sizes are the same each time.

I would like to use this in a presentation at my university (not for profit, not even a grade), but lower quality text is unreadable. Please, check it out.

Devinquest said...

To joescafe,

Downloaded the version and checked it out. For some reason I don't understand yet, the video does not play properly in Windows Media Player... BUT does play properly in VLC Media Player and AsusDVD. This is most annoying, especially since it worked fine when I was making it.

I recommend you use VLC, which is available for Win, Mac, Linux...

Joescafe said...

Quick response! The VLC player worked. I had used the Divx player, but had the same problem. Maybe that uses same decoder as Media Player.

Thanks a lot. I'll drop this on a DVD and see what happens there.