Japan: Love the Wait

April 03, 2007

Went to Universal Studios Japan. Quite similar to the American one. Our first ride was the Amazing Spiderman, which we waited 2 hours in line before seeing. Also saw Terminator 2 3D, Backdraft, Back to the Future, Waterworld, and Jaws (only a 15 minute wait!) A cold and windy day.
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1 comment:

Foozwah said...

Ah memories... We went to the US one - is Terminator 2 3D the one where they spray droplets of freezing water on you near the end, when the T-1000 gets destroyed, to reinforce the whole "bits of metal flying past/hitting you in the head" thing?

Zana and I found the Backdraft experience useful for drying out, after getting thoroughly soaked on the Lost World flume ride thing.

Also, was Waterworld like a big pantomime show in a swimming pool in Japan - with explosions and jetskis and whatnot?