Japan: It's Alive!

March 02, 2007

Yesterday's events:
  • Woke up early and helped the wife deliver fruit jelly to schools in Arima and Mt. Rokko.
  • Bought a SATA cable and finished building the computer.
  • After installing Windows, did a Performance Test. The old computer scored around 259. The new one achieved over 700.

My skin's feeling dry.

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Foozwah said...

Is there a direct link between running your Windows performance test, and developing dry skin...?

Chimp Wong said...

Hey are you running Vista on it yet? My laptop is restarting for no apparent reason now, and I have a reason to try Vista out now.

Was the delivery of jelly from your sister-in-law's shop? Hmmm jelly.... I haven't had any since parfait day.