Japan: Trip to Shodoshima

February 24, 2007

For two days, the wife and I went to Shodoshima, an island 90 minutes away from Himeji by ferry. We took the car and stayed at the Shimayado Mari ryokan. Highlights in no particular order include:
  • Shodoshima is known for its olives. We had olive ice-cream, which tasted like green tea.
  • The onsen at the ryokan was way too hot for me.
  • Went to the Marukin soy sauce museum. Had soy sauce ice-cream, which tasted like caramel.
  • Driving around, we saw a place that served fish ice-cream. Was not interested at all, but the sign said, "it`s better than you think!", which almost changed my mind.
  • Took the Kankakei ropeway up the mountain for a high view.
  • Went to 24 no Hitomi eiga mura, an old-style Japanese village where they filmed 24 no Hitomi (1954).
  • Drove for the first time. The roads were too small for my liking. Also, the car (a Nissan LaFesta) has really strong brakes.

A good time had by all!

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