An Unfair War at Bitfilm Festival 06

September 11, 2006

Germany's Bitfilm Festival has selected An Unfair War for their machinima competition. A total of 15 films are now viewable online at their website where voting will determine this year's winner. Obviously, it would be great if it was me.

Click here and vote!

What people are saying about An Unfair War:
  • "This is a quiet, sincere, anti-war film that has an impact that you just don't find in the mass of machinima being produced in Sims2." - gToon, review
  • "It's telling that machinima can be used to produce such poignant and dramatic stuff - I forgot I was watching polygons almost immediately." - julian,
  • "5 stars" - Rating Average
  • "He could be Iraqi, Lebanese or an Israeli ~ which is why this animation is so effective." - Allen L Roland
  • "The content and delivery is very moving, despite being an animation." - guerrilla news network
  • "Very thought provoking" - Dxvid,
  • "An unusually mature example of machinima." - Ed Halter
  • "Moving... surprisingly emotive" - Cory Doctorow
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