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February 28, 2006

I can't (won't) believe the Sony hype machine when it comes to the life-changing PS3. It's a console. It will do more than previous consoles did. It'll probably look a lot like the Xbox 360 when it comes down to it. I don't really care - I quite enjoy pixels.

I watched a Japanese film last night called Shinobi, starring the delicious Yukie Nakama. There's a scene in that film where the one of the main characters takes out about 30 ninjas in 30 seconds. He raises his hand, sending an orange light forth which freezes his enemies, and then proceeds to hack through every one in order.

My God, I thought, this is the Kamui technique from Genji!

Sony promises that the PS3 will deliver movie-quality graphics. Considering that the PS2 couldn't render Toy Story in real-time, I doubt the PS3 will be able to render Final Fantasy Advent Children. But, if someone (a prankster, or indeed a Sony rep) wanted to play a big joke on the Internet, they could simply grab this scene from Shinobi, dirty the image a little (perhaps record it via a phone camera in a darkened room secret-presentation-style) and BAM! A leaked video from the PS3 version of Genji.

Who knows, it might even be the fanboys' next hot topic of debate, after they've finished with Killzone PS3...
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