What I Did During the Holidays

January 27, 2006

Though the last post was almost 2 months ago, that doesn't meant I've been slacking off. Keeping busy as usual, and have actually managed to increase my output ratio dramatically.

I won't be making my recent projects available to the masses, as they are not mainstream fare. However, I wouldn't be me if I didn't acknowledge them in public for potential kudos.

The images are screen captures of the respective projects' DVD menu.


My friend Huy commissioned me to make a film for his cousin's wedding. A full day shooting and 5 tapes of footage later, a pretty good wedding video came out.

A Golden Journey

Another commission project, this one was for Huy's grandparents' golden anniversary. Fifty years is a long time. A definitive deadline and a slight hiccup at the last minute made things interesting.

Yes I Will!

Another wedding! This one was half-English, half-Japanese, located in the Yarra Valley under 30 degree summer heat. The flies were out in force.

Eiko's New Years Melbourne Fiesta!

My girlfriend's friend came to visit us over new years. This film is a 'visual postcard', or in other words, 'holiday video'.


When I've made enough films to fill out an entire DVD-R, I do a compilation disc with a vain picture of myself on the cover. This one is no exception!
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