Broken Destiny

November 04, 2005

Production Date: October 28th 2005
Game and Story by: Thuyen Nguyen
Synopsis: When Optimus Prime has a vision of the destruction of Cybertron and the extinction of the Transformers, he enlists the help of... Megatron?
As Cybertron dies, the Autobots and Decepticons search the galaxy for the answer. But even with the threat of total annihilation, the battle between good and evil continues...
Can the Transformers put aside their differences and work together to overcome their greatest threat before it's too late?
Game Information:
1 Player
RPG-lite (Active Novel)
Based on Transformers Armada
1-2 hours playing time
Minimum tested system requirements:
Windows 2000, 256MB RAM, PIII CPU, Mouse, DirectX Video card, 50MB free disk space

Download trailer (2MB)

Download game (27MB) from Rapidshare
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Nemesis Prime said...

no download? that sucks! where can i get it?

Devinquest said...

I uploaded it to rapidshare.