Bookstore 3 Finished, But...

July 25, 2005

I started making Bookstore 3 months ago. I'm fairly quick when it comes to making films, but due to various reasons, this one took quite a while. I had to re-record dialogue because of differences in sound quality between the recording sessions. I was going to do a live-action sequence to put after the credits, but I eventually dropped that idea. Then my video editing software decided not to play nice and would stop exporting for no good reason.

But it's done now.

However, between the time I wrote Bookstore 3 and finished the film, there have been some world events that (unfortunately) reflect badly on the film. Serves me right to strap a bomb to one of my characters, I suppose.

At the first public showing last night, no one seemed to mind, or indeed notice. I'll put a disclaimer on the film anyway, just to cover my bases.
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