Bookstore 2 ~ A Reunion of Sorts

February 09, 2005

Production Date: February 6th 2005
Genre: Comedy / Machinima
Starring: Mark Angeli, Lincoln Flynn, Justin Halliday, Warren Hawkes, Kate Inabinet, Thuyen Nguyen
Written and Directed by: Thuyen Nguyen
Length: 8 minutes
Synopsis: Tom wants to know what happened during Richard and Emily's date. Meanwhile, Harry finds two common souls with him in prison...
Awards: Machinima of the Month, PC GAMER UK Magazine June 2005; Official selection, Machinima Film Festival 2005; Official selection, ION International Animation and Film Festival 2005

Download web version (6MB)

Download high quality version from (37MB)

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Anonymous said...

Better than the first one. Probaly now i could see it:P Can't wait for your next movie.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant laughed my head off. Much better then the first keep using the sims makes it more funny. Especially the bit with the arsenal and the governor :)keep it up cant wait for the next one.